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Editorial, VFX & Sound for Video

Post production happens in 3 stages:

Editorial, Visual Effects and Sound.

Editorial is where the story is shaped — it involves creating the sequences of events through selections of images, music and sound. This is where the core assembly of the edit is completed and the overall emotional impression is made.

Editors will often reference Storyboards, Scripts or other pre-production material when editing, to ensure that the final project resembles the original creative intent.

Visual Effects involves the creation of Motion Graphics or Compositing in both 2D and 3D. It might involve removing or adding objects to a scene, animating logos or characters, or sometimes creating the entire video itself.

Once the edit is completed and any necessary effects or graphics are in place, the next stept is to put the icing on the cake.

Colour Grading, Sound Design, Audio Mixing and Mastering all act together to “polish” the final product.

Colour grading applies a visual look to all material, ensuring the overall luminance and look of the images from shot to shot are consistent and pleasing.

Sound Design involves adding Foley, which is the recording and syncing of environmental sounds such as footsteps, clocks ticking or running taps. It also includes sound effects such as screeching car tiers, thunderstorms, wooshes or dings.

Audio Mixing and Mastering involves taking all audio elements of a video (dialogue, foley, sound effects, music) and processing them together to make a cohesive soundscape that cuts through on all types of playback systems.

Once all of this is completed, the final product is ready for publishing and archiving.